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The #1 Parenting Tip For Getting Your Kids to Talk With You About YouTube

I have a love-hate relationship with YouTube.  I think it’s great that anyone can create, post, and share videos.  There are some really creative people who have used YouTube to highlight their talent and share it with the world.  That’s awesome.

 On the other hand, I don’t understand how my daughter can stare at it for hours on end- becoming a YouTube zombie.  That’s not to mention all of the horrible, often times inappropriate unfiltered content that is out there.

 What’s a mom to do?

YouTube is definitely not going away, and it can’t get much easier to access, so I have decided to embrace it.  Of course, there are many things that go along with that, including boundaries and discernment for the whole family.

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Communication is of the Essence

I’ve tried stalking around on my daughters YouTube account and putting limits on how much and when she can watch it, but when I really started to get a handle on who and what my daughter was doing on YouTube was when I sat down and watched it with her.

So my #1 tip for breaking down the YouTube barrier is sitting down and asking to watch some of your child’s favorite shows with them.  

When I did this, my daughter was eager to fill me in and soon we were watching together.  Some of them I really liked (to my amazement) and some of them I was not as excited about.  Either way, I learned a ton about my daughter and it was great family time.  My husband joined in once in awhile and we all had a blast.

I learned way more from my daughter about YouTube and how kids use it than I would have from scouring the Internet or trolling around on YouTube itself.  And, it was a great time to talk to my daughter about what channels to watch, what channels to stay away from, and what happens if you find yourself watching something that turns out to be inappropriate.

I encourage you to join in with your kids when they are glued to the Tube.  Ask a few questions, watch some channels or episodes together and make YouTube a family event.  It’s a great way to open up those lines of communication when it comes to social media, boundaries, and discernment.

What do you think?  Is this something that would work in your family?  What are some other ways that might work to communicate with your kids about YouTube and other social media?

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