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A Changed Woman…

A year ago, if I would have listed my top five favorite music genre’s, rap would have been somewhere around number, well, it wouldn’t had had a number.  Now, thanks to the work of artist NF (Nate Feureunstein),  I am a changed woman. At least when it comes to my taste in music.

NF the rapper has a real message for moms kids and the masses

Mother-Daughter Love Affair

For a more detailed account of my sudden interest in rap, check out my post What I Learned About Parenting from NF (the Rapper).  The short version is that my daughter loves his music, I spent some time listening to him, and we both agree that his work really speaks to people who are struggling with tough situations in life.

 He’s an amazingly talented Christian lyracist who seamlessly weaves messages of hope, love, and redemption into stories of loss and devestation – most of them stories from his own life.  He appeals to all ages, Christians and non-Christians alike.  Because of his daring message and out of this world talent, he is crossing all kinds of boundaries.

nf has a real message for moms, kids and the masses

Concert Bound

This spring, NF’s Therapy Session Tour was in Chicago – not too far from home.  It was a great opportunity to take Ella to her first concert.  She asked if she could take one of her cousins – Of course she picked the biggest NF fan in the group, Anlun.

There are Really No Words…

To say it was an awesome experience is a gross understatement.  It was Ella’s first concert and Anlun’s first trip to Chicago.  Both were beyond excited to experience those events – and then there was the concert…  Getting to be there with them for those moments was priceless.  I’m smiling just thinking about it.

Ella  was so excited to see NF, she could hardly keep her body under control (think hyper-active middle-schooler on mega doses of caffeine).  Anlun was just as excited but playing it cool.  When NF came on stage and started rapping, Ella literally rapped the entire song with him – while jumping around, hugging and kissing me, and generally making a spectacle.  People were staring.  My heart was melting.  For all the tough times we had been through, this was pure joy.

I could go on, but you get the picture.

A Message for Everyone

I was curious to see what kind of a crowd would show at an NF concert, and I wasn’t disappointed.  It was diverse in many way.  Everything from hardcore rappers to entire families, elementary school students to moms and dads.  Groups of high school students, college students, and middle school students were everywhere.

NFs music appeals to so many, it’s raw, and no nonsense.  It doesn’t sugar coat anything, but it’s clean.  It doesn’t turn to things like sex and drugs as escapes to the hard realities of life.  It repeatedly points to hope, love, and redemption.  NF is a committed follower of Christ and tells his own painful stories of loss, love, and redemption through the power of Jesus’ saving Grace.  It’s not in your face.  It’s just part of his story.  That’s what makes it so powerful.

                                            NF concert ella and anlun

What Ella and Anlun Had to Say

Back to Ella and Anlun’s story.  I interviewed them about their concert experience.  I will let them tell you what they thought of NF and of the concert in their own words.

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