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About Me!

 Hi, my name is Tricia Mueller.  I’m a school librarian and teacher, but more importantly, I’m a mom.  I don’t know about you, but as my 11-year-old daughter Ella enters her “tweens” and soon to be teen years, sometimes I start to feel overwhelmed and downright scared.  The lines between right and wrong have become increasingly blurred since I was a teen.  And let’s face it, we’re all learning how to navigate the technology and social media that seems to change on a monthly, weekly, sometimes daily basis… How do we stay connected with our kids, set boundaries for them, and teach them right from wrong with all the outside influences (both good and bad) crashing in on them (and us) literally day and night?

The thought of it is overwhelming, but there is one thing that I know for sure – we are loved by a God that is much bigger than any social media platform or 24/7 news program, and He, through His Word, has set out a clear path for how we are to live out our lives.

I know from speaking to family and friends that I am not the only parent in this boat.  My hope is that this blog can be a place where we can share ideas and encouragement for Christ-centered parenting.  Please join me on this exciting adventure as we figure out how to be families that work together to be Christ’s hands and feet in this upside down, inside out world!